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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The More Decisions You Make and the Faster You Make them, the More Productive You Are.

Everyday, we encounter situations that we need to decide. Decisions that either deny or welcome opportunity. There are instances that we're slow to decide especially for important and controversial matter, sometimes we're afraid or a shame if it concern relationship, but we need to do it, practice it so that more outputs and process will be going. Decisions are either hurting, inspiring, and satisfying.

Don't be afraid on decision outcomes. There are time that you need to hurt somebody for the decision implementation, and more better outcome will be the result. The ability to decide quickly will be an advantage,
sometimes you need to consult, or sometimes you need to turn it over to for other to decide it better. But if you are the most concern, think and decide then act more quickly, don't postpone it. Never mind if sometimes you lost opportunity in your decision, it is learning and taking note.

Remember that practice makes you more competent decision maker. Be particular on the need and concern, then weigh it, don't think twice if that is what it needed.

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