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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do not let others use you, utilize your mind

If you are working for somebody or a company, haven't you realize or think if how long that you'll going serve others to attain their goal? Did you not observed how your boss grow financially by your service. Have you not think or plan to stand alone using your available resources?
It is not evil to think about this things, I am just giving you insights that if this people are thinking how to further use you for their sake, why not think of how you can use your own knowledge and start your venture to have your own. People who goes to the top are not super humans, they just know better how to depend to their own self and use their available resources to grow financially. It is not bad to become poor, but to stay poor through out your life is not reasonable. You should do something to escape from it, but if it is your choice then take it.

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