Poor minds talk about People, average minds talk about Events, and Great minds talk about IDEAS.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convert Your Leisure Into Productive Time.

Part of our life as human is leisure. The purpose of this is to recharge and refresh our whole being; the physical, spiritual, and mental aspect of it. But putting more focus to leisure sometimes divert our attention into it. Leisure can be done indoor and outdoor, the games we play are leisure. Sometimes we put more time and focus to leisure, especially if we believe in this line, "Do anything that will make you happy." It is good if that thing that will make us happy will lead us into success or will help us get rich. But if the thing that will make you happy will lead you into poverty, forget about it. Of course, we don't aspire and plan to live in poverty.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surround Yourself With People Who Understand and Respect The Value of Your Time.

"Birds that have the same feather flock together." It is an old saying that until now it is very much acceptable. Go with people who have dreams and working for their dreams. Go with people who has the positive attitude and always think positive. You will be inspire in their words and aspiration in life, you will be invigorate and will be challenge to work and strive for more.

Don't be surrounded and go with people who have no ambitions and are afraid to try and venture. Don't listen to hearsay about unsuccessful venture, don't back off without trying. It is our behavior that we get discourage to a situation that we haven't yet experience, we create our own fear.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Delegate Those Task and Activities That Do Not Match Up With The Mandated Value Of Your Time.

We continue to be productive by acquiring a lot of responsibility. But a lot of our time will be consumed by  different responsibility that we have because we want to have profit from them. It can't be denied that we encounter opportunity everyday, a lot of opportunity that compose of big and small.
But not all opportunity can be match to the value of time we have, everyday we level up status, we learn and earn, that is why we must also learn to adjust and select the best that is suitable for us. If we set value to our time, we must also set and select the best responsibility or task that is suited to us. Delegate the activity and

Monday, November 14, 2011

Use It or Lose It

The idea that the brain can be exercised and even trained to perform better is one that has long fascinated scientists and continues to be a source of heated debate today. What we know for sure is that learning is partly a function of brain cells making connections with each other as they fire, so that as we repeat a task and those cells fire repeatedly they wire together a bit like electronic circuit. When you repeat an activity, that circuit kicks in and performs better and faster than your initial attempts. It has also been observed  that different parts of the brain can be retrained. For example the visual cortex doesn't cease to function in blind people just because

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Selective Viewer, Reader, and Listener

Everyone is fun of having anyone of these; reading, viewing, and listening. It is one way to educate one self, to entertain one self, and to inform one self. But the senses that we use for reading, viewing, and listening are the senses that gets easily diverted and attracted. There are times that we can't control and tame them, because these senses that we use is easily catch and magnet by different stimulus that are available at home, workplace, and anywhere.

Our habit can be controlled if we submit ourselves into discipline, and think of our plan and target. Weigh the need and sacrifice what it needs to be sacrifice, even if we say that it is your favorite if it destructs you in

Monday, November 7, 2011

Self-Discipline is the Magic Power that Makes You Virtually Unstoppable

If someone desires you to be unstoppable in making profitable things, he needs to inspire and motivate you. If you're not in mode, he need to push and drive you. Those are some of the things that they need to do in order to make you unstoppable.

It is a different situation when there is none to accompany, drive, and motivate you. You need to discipline yourself, you need to guide yourself, to set rules for yourself and follow it carefully. You need to set limit and boundaries for yourself, you must learn how to say no when it is needed. If you can make it, then you make yourself virtually unstoppable to accommodate and perform things. The need to impose for our self limits is very

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When You Are Visible to Others, It's Best To Be Visibly Busy.

It is an standard operating procedure to wait for your turn and time to be accommodated by a busy individual. But if you are seen relax and not occupied with any activity, the tendency is, your inviting or giving signal to others to distract and sip your time. The situation to be visibly busy in not easy, but is is an advantage to the one who is always doing it, he will accomplish many things and the tendency to be disturb will be minimize. Besides it will motivate and encourage others to work seriously.


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