Poor minds talk about People, average minds talk about Events, and Great minds talk about IDEAS.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convert Your Leisure Into Productive Time.

Part of our life as human is leisure. The purpose of this is to recharge and refresh our whole being; the physical, spiritual, and mental aspect of it. But putting more focus to leisure sometimes divert our attention into it. Leisure can be done indoor and outdoor, the games we play are leisure. Sometimes we put more time and focus to leisure, especially if we believe in this line, "Do anything that will make you happy." It is good if that thing that will make us happy will lead us into success or will help us get rich. But if the thing that will make you happy will lead you into poverty, forget about it. Of course, we don't aspire and plan to live in poverty.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surround Yourself With People Who Understand and Respect The Value of Your Time.

"Birds that have the same feather flock together." It is an old saying that until now it is very much acceptable. Go with people who have dreams and working for their dreams. Go with people who has the positive attitude and always think positive. You will be inspire in their words and aspiration in life, you will be invigorate and will be challenge to work and strive for more.

Don't be surrounded and go with people who have no ambitions and are afraid to try and venture. Don't listen to hearsay about unsuccessful venture, don't back off without trying. It is our behavior that we get discourage to a situation that we haven't yet experience, we create our own fear.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Delegate Those Task and Activities That Do Not Match Up With The Mandated Value Of Your Time.

We continue to be productive by acquiring a lot of responsibility. But a lot of our time will be consumed by  different responsibility that we have because we want to have profit from them. It can't be denied that we encounter opportunity everyday, a lot of opportunity that compose of big and small.
But not all opportunity can be match to the value of time we have, everyday we level up status, we learn and earn, that is why we must also learn to adjust and select the best that is suitable for us. If we set value to our time, we must also set and select the best responsibility or task that is suited to us. Delegate the activity and

Monday, November 14, 2011

Use It or Lose It

The idea that the brain can be exercised and even trained to perform better is one that has long fascinated scientists and continues to be a source of heated debate today. What we know for sure is that learning is partly a function of brain cells making connections with each other as they fire, so that as we repeat a task and those cells fire repeatedly they wire together a bit like electronic circuit. When you repeat an activity, that circuit kicks in and performs better and faster than your initial attempts. It has also been observed  that different parts of the brain can be retrained. For example the visual cortex doesn't cease to function in blind people just because

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Selective Viewer, Reader, and Listener

Everyone is fun of having anyone of these; reading, viewing, and listening. It is one way to educate one self, to entertain one self, and to inform one self. But the senses that we use for reading, viewing, and listening are the senses that gets easily diverted and attracted. There are times that we can't control and tame them, because these senses that we use is easily catch and magnet by different stimulus that are available at home, workplace, and anywhere.

Our habit can be controlled if we submit ourselves into discipline, and think of our plan and target. Weigh the need and sacrifice what it needs to be sacrifice, even if we say that it is your favorite if it destructs you in

Monday, November 7, 2011

Self-Discipline is the Magic Power that Makes You Virtually Unstoppable

If someone desires you to be unstoppable in making profitable things, he needs to inspire and motivate you. If you're not in mode, he need to push and drive you. Those are some of the things that they need to do in order to make you unstoppable.

It is a different situation when there is none to accompany, drive, and motivate you. You need to discipline yourself, you need to guide yourself, to set rules for yourself and follow it carefully. You need to set limit and boundaries for yourself, you must learn how to say no when it is needed. If you can make it, then you make yourself virtually unstoppable to accommodate and perform things. The need to impose for our self limits is very

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When You Are Visible to Others, It's Best To Be Visibly Busy.

It is an standard operating procedure to wait for your turn and time to be accommodated by a busy individual. But if you are seen relax and not occupied with any activity, the tendency is, your inviting or giving signal to others to distract and sip your time. The situation to be visibly busy in not easy, but is is an advantage to the one who is always doing it, he will accomplish many things and the tendency to be disturb will be minimize. Besides it will motivate and encourage others to work seriously.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The More Control You Have on Your Own, the More Productive You Are.

The development of our self is having more control on it. It is just like having more gadgets and tools that is suit to different problem and needs. Our body is a wonderful creation that can be suited to different situation. The more things we acquired and learn the better we become, because we are equipped with the ability to adjust and suit our self to needs. The more we know, the more task we can perform.

If we can control our self in many ways, especially in areas where the needs are so high, you have the right to dictate price, it is exciting isn't it. But even if demand is low, if you have plenty of resources, still no problem.

Monday, October 3, 2011

But Don't Miss the Point

There is a point in every target, if you missed the point, you also missed the target. There are different tools, ways, and techniques to hit the target. For example, you want a chicken, that is your target, if you hit or shot the wings or foot, it does not guarantee that you'll get it. But hitting the head and other part of the body that will make him down will be the point.

We don't just work to achieved, but to see to it that the outcome of everyday achievement will put us near to our big target. We must see to it that every effort we did contribute to what we're aiming for. Don't let that

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Successful People Do What They Need to Do

Good and better life is the outcome of being successful and fortunate. Success is the result of too much effort, perseverance, patience, daily appropriate activity, tolerance, and unending dream to reach the goal. Fortune is luck, doesn't need much effort, it is instant, it does not take long process. If you compare the number of successful and fortunate people, there are more successful than that of fortunate. It only shows that the one who work hard will be the one who will be rewarded and blessed.

Let me direct you to the point, if what you need to do in order to be successful. We're all convince to the universal law that, "In every action, there is a corresponding reaction." Then there is an outcome for every

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Achievement Does Not Settle Anything Permanently.

There are a lot of achievements in our world today, finishing a course, passing examination, being a topnotch, a valedictorian, a champion, and a winner. Those are just some of the achievements that we can identify. But achievement is not permanent, though you have the medal, certificates, plaque, and any other evidence that proves you have and acquires the accomplishment. Your accomplishment and position fades, because you will be replaced by a new one that is better and more suitable. It implies that any one is entitled to certain

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You cannot be productive without goals.

In a production, you need inputs to have outputs. To be productive, there must be reason of doing it. Every movement has stimulus, a power that push and control to attain and finish. Needs are the reason to produce, that is the basic thing. The goals are the wants, and that is another thing. You need to move and produce because of needs. But if you have wants, you must double your effort, it means that less leisure and no idle time. There must be less talk and more work. The attitude must be consistent and demanding. you are eyeing

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If you're going to achieve peak personal productivity, you've got to define peak personal productivity.

 If you are moving with your vehicle, you choose a speed of travelling which will enable you to arrive at the time you expected. Peak personal productivity is your top speed of performance and production that is suit to your set of measurements and standards. You must have a pattern to follow and a speed of activity to maintain. If your target a certain completion and deliver a product, it should be exact and no extension. If you have a good performance and output, you will establish and maintain credibility.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fight to link everything you do to your goals.

Our daily activities is composed of different subject and purposes. But make it that everything is to be linked to your goal. If you have a big goal, a one or two activity that will be equivalent to one to two hours daily will not be enough to carry out and accommodate your goal. Little activity means little effect in movement towards the accomplishment of your goal.

You must see to it that the different activity you have for the whole day, week, month, and years will be link and connected to the big goal that you want to accomplish. So whether you talk, you help, you put something,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Why don't more people become millionaire, They just don't have enough reasons to.

Reasons are main reason why you're thrusting toward a goal. They're the power behind why you wake up early, complete your work no matter what, set and meet the deadline, bring out any requirements. Because you have several reasons why you must achieve and gain, this is also the reason why you never stop the activity when it ends, but finding more activity before a certain activity ends. More finish activity means more outputs and better possibilities, it also means more options and more alternatives. More sources and more reserves.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you aren't making list, you probably aren't making a lot of money either.

Lists are very essential, it is use to organize the daily activities. It is also an extension of our memory, a reminder of what to do for present and future activities. List is a visible reminder and organization of what you should do and will not do, it will take and guide you to accomplish every goal you aim. If we are consistent in following those list we make, then it assures us in making a lot of money. I believed that the list we prepared daily are important, and those list should keep and to be followed until they're accomplish. There are some of us who make list and after, we just put it anywhere, and there are tendencies that we forget everything

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

People are Good, Business is Great, Life is Terrific

People are the subject of every transaction, every deal requires their opinion and approval, that is why we must maintain a positive attitude on them. Though times and situation are different, sometimes they agree and other times they don't. Still we must presume and treat them good. People become rich because of business, and that is why business and enterprise are anywhere, business is great because earning is unlimited if you have learn the

Thursday, August 25, 2011

When in doubt, throw it out

I was raised in a family that resources are limited, and that is why  it becomes a practice and habit to collect items like reading materials, toys, tools, and other materials that have been thrown away. It is so hard for me to give up the habit and practice. This time that I have grown up and have little means to acquire things, I still put value on little things that I have. Now, I am practicing to eliminate those thing that are no use and less important, because everyday more materials are coming in, except from those materials that I have purchased, more gifts and reward are keep on arriving.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I should be up there instead of Him

I am not suggesting and relating of getting envy or greedy, but I am talking about our attitude in taking responsibility. Because higher position means better salary and benefits so we aim to have better position in work. But there are compensation in having higher post and it is normal because everybody wants or deserve it. But what are the process that we should take in order to acquire positions we're aiming? There are those who take the right process, and there are also short cut process. That is why sometimes there are questions that are being brought out, as to how come that he was place there or acquired that position when in fact

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Successful People are Massive Action Takers

Everybody is aiming to become successful, everyone wants to posses things they want. Many wants good life and convenient living. But how many of whom who want to be successful , good life, and convenient will want also to initiate massive action and unending sacrifice. Let us be reminded that we don't just posses all the possible things we want to have, there are corresponding effort and sacrifice to every needs and wants that we

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's no wonder He's doing so well, Look at everything He does.

Do you know someone who is wealthy and you want to be like him? Are you wondering why he is well
achieving in his goal and venture? Do you think he has secrets or lucky charms? Those questions are some of the common that you've heard or think.

But the answer to all the questions above are simple. Someone is known and want to be follow because he was being notice for his success. Well achieving because he was consistent and believing to what he can achieved. Lucky charms are the positive attitude you have as you continue to move and achieve the goal.
Look at the things he does, find out his attitudes. Then train yourself and practice the sequence, have

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Before Sunset, at least one thing is done intended to stimulate demand.

If you have a dozen of goal, then there must be a two dozen of activity every day to meet your goals. Failure to do the activity means failure in achieving your goal. The secret of having and maintaining your activity daily is to have a prompt time and punctuality in every activity. If you can't control your time, it is impossible to achieved every

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do the Right Thing

We have our own task and work whatever it is. But are we happy with the benefits we have in having our work? Are we aware that our needs is changing from simple to complicated, are we happy with the things that we can acquire from that small sources? Some of us have loans and debt because our resources are very limited and not enough. The small possessions we have are sometimes pawn or disposed to meet the needs and wants.
But what is wrong? Are we doing the right thing? And how is that right thing? The thing that you maintain as sources that don't augment your needs might not be the right thing. If you have some spare time use it to try

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More folks are smarter and more capable

We are surrounded and mingled with people, young and old, boys and girls. We have different experiences and learning, and a lot of opportunities. We move from place to other places. We get to know people and acquainted to them. We learn and accept things differently. We become skilled and talented individual in different field and  specialization. There are transfer and transition as part of change and movements. There are times that we are afraid to entrust accountability and task to others, but we need to do it as part of development and change.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Failure is a part of Success

The saying try and try until you succeed is an indication that you have to face many failures on your way to success. It is not an easy task to succeed, but it is not also impossible to have it.
Many have succeeded because they don't stop the activity and process of moving forward to achieve their goal. They were inspired by others and challenge every time they failed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Workers are the power of any business and venture. They are the one who will move and maintain the business. If workers are fast and accurate, they produce better output and quick movements. But if the workers are slow and not accurate, the production and output is slow, and there are tendencies of breakdown and bankruptcy. When we hire workers for production, we must be accurate by having guidelines and requirements. If possible, applicant must meet the required or else your goal will not be achieved. You must hire excellent workers. Don't hire fast but take them slowly, examining their skills, talents, and abilities.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Control your thought to manage your time.

Discipline mean a lot, without it the initiation is not successful.
If we can't control our thought and mind, we can't control our time.
If we can't set time for certain task or project, we can't organize how we should do it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Use Technology, but resist seduction of technology

Technology had been very useful since it was introduced, different convenience had been manifested.
Today, we can find product of technology anywhere. Our TV, telephone, cellphones, computers, air conditions, washing machines, and others are indispensable this days. Seems like, we can't live without them, we have been used to them for many years of existence. They have been part of our life that it seems they're part of  us. These gadgets that are products of technology sometimes controlled us, because there are times that we can't move without them, that our day will not be completed without them.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The LESS time I do, the MORE I Make

It is always supposed that the more time we work or performed our task, the more production and better accomplishment we have.
But in our modern period where everything are valuable, we must see to it that everything we do will count and shorter period of work equals to more and quality outputs.
Maybe some of us will raise the question HOW and WHY? But this is how it will gonna be, some of us work with

Sunday, April 17, 2011


If time is inaccurate, you must adjust it. If schedule is inaccurate, you should arrange it. Then if application is not correct, it means wasting of time, money, and effort.
There are a lot of things that we can do to be accurate, and one is by thinking accurately. There are a lot of things that are connected to it before we achieved it, and one is by constant learning. There is a need to always learn and

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Work SMARTER not Harder

Majority thinks that by working hard you will achieve your goal in life faster, but some will do and majority will not. Others also think that by being industrious you will also earn what you intend to have, but again not all, because working rigorously will not guarantee that every effort and time you spent will count or will add to your desired output.
We have to identify and be familiar to our goal and desire. There is a need to enumerate the needs and steps that you must execute in order to move faster and closer to your goal. Do not follow other's way, hard or easy, instead, every single way or means that you do must contribute in having your goal.  It must be taken

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do not let others use you, utilize your mind

If you are working for somebody or a company, haven't you realize or think if how long that you'll going serve others to attain their goal? Did you not observed how your boss grow financially by your service. Have you not think or plan to stand alone using your available resources?
It is not evil to think about this things, I am just giving you insights that if this people are thinking how to further use you for their sake, why not think of how you can use your own knowledge and start your venture to have your own. People who goes to the top are not super humans, they just know better how to depend to their own self and use their available resources to grow financially. It is not bad to become poor, but to stay poor through out your life is not reasonable. You should do something to escape from it, but if it is your choice then take it.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make Millions with your Ideas

There are a lot of ideas in the world, brilliant and excellent ideas. But ideas are like plans that are ready to be implemented. If not executed, they were just like precious gems that still buried and can't be used.
 Motivating Thoughts;
1. Believe in your ideas, do it and be the first one to be benefited.
2. Don't imitate, introduce and have a new one.
3. Never be afraid and ashame if no one believes in you.
4. Be consistent and never give up.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Prepare your Future Investment

The Children are our Investment for the Future. Let us prepare now to secure their need that would make them able to reach the Education it require to commit service.
Education is the only legacy that we can give, that no one can steal or get it from them.
Give them an Educational Plan that will secure their future education.
Act now and not tomorrow before it is too late.  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Annual Planning for 2011

Our activities
Commitment to our plans
Making it happen
The start of it.
The execution 


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