Poor minds talk about People, average minds talk about Events, and Great minds talk about IDEAS.

Monday, October 3, 2011

But Don't Miss the Point

There is a point in every target, if you missed the point, you also missed the target. There are different tools, ways, and techniques to hit the target. For example, you want a chicken, that is your target, if you hit or shot the wings or foot, it does not guarantee that you'll get it. But hitting the head and other part of the body that will make him down will be the point.

We don't just work to achieved, but to see to it that the outcome of everyday achievement will put us near to our big target. We must see to it that every effort we did contribute to what we're aiming for. Don't let that
focus be diverted and directed to other object and material. Stay focus to your goal, make that as an inspiration as you continue, opposition and problem are available on the way, be careful for possible encounter, they may destroy your focus and attention, consume your time, input wrong ideas, because some of them are losers and frustrated in their venture.

Remember, you must be particular in every way, must know when to move fast and slow down.  


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