Poor minds talk about People, average minds talk about Events, and Great minds talk about IDEAS.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Achievement Does Not Settle Anything Permanently.

There are a lot of achievements in our world today, finishing a course, passing examination, being a topnotch, a valedictorian, a champion, and a winner. Those are just some of the achievements that we can identify. But achievement is not permanent, though you have the medal, certificates, plaque, and any other evidence that proves you have and acquires the accomplishment. Your accomplishment and position fades, because you will be replaced by a new one that is better and more suitable. It implies that any one is entitled to certain
achievement and accomplishment, because the position is not permanent. Any body might be a winner and a passer. Because learning is a lifetime process, the improvement and development also continued. Don't aim and settle for average dream, instead, aim high.
The present achievers and winners must not bring up their pride and fly like they will not go down. Be careful and try to maintain position with humility. Remember that every fellow deserves to be respected, take your position at proper place, don't put or place it anywhere.


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